Best Facebook Auto Poster Software in 2020

Looking for a Facebook Auto Poster tool? You’re at the right place!

After researching and testing every Facebook auto poster service, we have found the perfect tools that actually work and can provide fruitful results for your businesses.

Best Facebook Auto Poster Software

Top 3 Best Facebook Auto Poster Software

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1. MaherPost

MaherPost - Facebook Auto Poster

MaherPost is the first company to offer Facebook auto poster and Facebook group poster app to allow posting to multiple groups and pages.

MaherPost started in 2010, so it’s been almost a decade since they are in business.

They were the first creators of the Facebook auto poster tool to allow posting to Facebook groups automatically and on autopilot.

And the best thing about them is that they keep updating their system from time to time to keep it up to date with the latest norms.

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2. PilotPoster

PilotPoster - Auto Facebook Poster

PilotPoster might be the most popular Facebook auto poster app out there. Like MaherPost, they too provide good service and allows posting to joined Facebook groups with their easy interface.

The best thing about PilotPoster that makes it stands apart is their Live chat support option. So you can get in touch with them anytime, instantly.

PilotPoster interference is intuitive and easy to use as well.

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3. RoboFB


RoboFB is a new Facebook Group Poster that somewhat offers the same services as the first two. So it’s another option for you.

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Now that we have talked about the best Facebook Auto Posters, let’s discuss what is auto poster and how it can help you.

Why Facebook Groups are Important?

Facebook Groups Importance

After 2018’s newsfeed update, Facebook now gives more importance to posts from family, friends and especially Facebook groups. So Facebook pages are officially getting low importance now.

Posts from groups will get more views and engagement compared to groups. So it’s easy now to reach more and more people using Facebook Groups.

So posting to Facebook groups related to your niche can get you much more business, whatever it may be.

Now that we have talked about the importance of Facebook groups and posting to them, let’s discuss more about how Auto Posters helps you in this regard.

How does a Facebook Auto Poster work?

Facebook auto poster can help you automate your posting activities so you don’t have to waste hours posting to Facebook groups one by one.

Working smart is the only way to success in this digital age. So if you are working day and night like a laborer on things you can do on autopilot, you’re living in the past.

So to do Facebook marketing on autopilot, using a Facebook auto poster software will help.

Features of Facebook Auto Poster Apps:

  • Auto Post to Facebook Groups (Owned & Joined)
  • Auto Post to Facebook Pages
  • Auto Join Facebook Groups
  • Auto Comment on Facebook Groups
  • Auto Invite Friends to Groups & Pages
  • Cloud-based app, can be used on any device

How to Post to Facebook Groups using Auto Poster App

Posting to multiple Facebook groups is very easy with any of these solutions.

First, open the dashboard of your Facebook poster app and you’ll see something like this:

Auto Poster Dashboard

Before you can post to your Facebook pages and groups, you have to connect your Facebook account(s) to the app.

Connect Facebook Account

So, to start posting to groups and pages on Facebook, you need to:

  1. Connect your Facebook account(s) with the Auto Poster App
  2. Add your message, link, image, or video to the app to post.
  3. Select groups, pages, or profiles to post to.
  4. Use Post now or Schedule option to post to Facebook automatically. 

So that is it for the list of the best Facebook auto poster tools. The three mentions, MaherPost, PilotPoster and RoboFB are the best options right now and provides quality service.

Do you have any questions about the Auto posters? Post them in comments.

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